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Pediatric and Childhood

Ever from birth, our lives can be traumatic and stressful, which can take a toll on us both physically and emotionally. This can create imbalances within our nervous systems that may contribute to health concerns later in life.


During the first years of life, almost all neurological growth and development occurs, making the efficiency of your child’s nervous system and their ability to respond to stress and internal signaling absolutely crucial.


Regularly bringing your child to a chiropractor from birth can ensure that their nervous system remains clear and connected, allowing them to better adapt to life’s stressors and develop optimally.

Visiting a chiropractor during pediatric time can help :

🌟 Increase sleep (better sleep regulation,...)

🌟 Improve the baby's relaxation

🌟 Improved digestion (colic, constipation, reflux, …)

🌟 Release birth injuries (C-cession, misalignment after birth, torticollis...)

🌟 Improve neurological development (Reach milestones timely, delay in the growth process) 

🌟 Deformed skull (flat skull, facial asymmetry,...)

🌟 Improved suction mechanism (tongue-tie of lip-tie, breastfeeding problem,...)

Baby illustration

Visiting a chiropractor during childhood can help: 

🌟 Increase immune system function (less sick or ears infection)

🌟 Fewer allergies or asthma 

🌟 Improve digestion (digestion problems, constipation, diarrhée or belly pain) 

🌟 Improvement in behavior and emotional well-being (ADHD, autism, bed-wetting,...)

🌟 Optimize their neuronal plasticity (concentration problem, developmental coordination disorder, dyslexia, learning problem,...)

🌟 Improving alignment and balance in the body (prevent scoliosis, growing pain, …)

baby development into a young boy illustartion
various children illustration

We use gentle and specific adjustments to check the nervous systems of children as early as moments after birth. Our touch is so light that it’s similar to test the ripeness of a tomato with your fingertips, making the experience comfortable and safe for your child. 

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